Hi Jim Vossen here for MeTV and boy do I have a deal for you if you have a business and would like to have more business.

Here's the deal.  You can have a 30-second MeTV television advertisement that will 'air' 100 times for just $500.00.

Hold on, it gets better. If you act now we will double the number of airings for the same low price of just $500.00.

Certain conditions do apply. For more details call me, Jim Vossen, at
(831) 236-5994. Call me NOW!

We can help

Is this your first time? Don't have an ad yet? Fear not! We have people that can help you express your business to the customers you are looking for.

family television

You don't have to worry about our wholesome programming. All of our programs are fun for the whole family. No censoring required!

Basic 30-second spots $19.00 each
Minimum 20 Spots = $380.00


Stay tuned in to your area

Our advertising is broadcasted throughout the Monterey County area, so you are only paying to advertise to the customers you want.